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Free melanoma lessons for middle and high school students

Welcome to the
Melanoma Education Foundation Websites

We have two websites.

This website ( is for health educators and has streaming videos and other resources to educate middle and high school students about melanoma in a single class period.

Our other website ( is for the general public and has comprehensive, user-friendly information about:

  • Early self-detection and prevention of melanoma.
  • Who we are and what we do.
  • Contributing and getting involved.

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Health and Wellness Teachers:
Watch our 3-min video that expains why our melanoma lessons are so important for teens

3-minute video introduction for teachers Updated July, 2018

If you teach health and wellness in middle and/or high school, we can provide you with melanoma education that is specifically geared to teens. We encourage you to preview the videos and download any of our resource PDFs, including our lesson plan. When you register you will then have access to our on-line videos that you can use in your classroom anytime you like.

With one lesson, you will have equipped your students with enough instruction to prevent this potentially devasting disease while it is curable.


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