Melanoma Education Foundation
Free melanoma lessons for middle and high school students

Teacher Testimonials

“This program is one of the best resources I have for my curriculum.  It is so well-done and student user-friendly. I always get rave reviews from my students! They take the information home and also share it with their friends. Many felt compelled to see a dermatologist and learned to keep an eye on their moles, freckles, birthmarks, while a few have actually come back to class with stitches from the removal of a suspicious spot. Thank you so much for all the work and effort you and your team put into this valuable educational tool.”

—Ginny Hess, Teacher, Family and Consumer Science
Choctawhatchee High School, Fort Walton, FL

“I can’t remember a time when one program… had such a positive impact on the health of my students.”

—M’Lena Gandolfi, Physical Education/Health Teacher
Manchester-Essex Regional High School, Manchester, MA

“The materials are excellent. The students really respond to the bookmarks and the videos.”

—Diana Walker, Physical Education & Health Department Chair
Sanford High School, Sanford, ME

“My Melanoma Vlog is very powerful. Students watch it intensely and refer back to it in the follow-up discussion. Most high school students [think] ‘it will never happen to me.’ This curriculum has an invaluable effect in that it changes their false understanding.”

—Lise Nielsen, Health & Physical Education Department Head
Nauset Regional High School, Eastham, MA

“I recently taught skin cancer to my upperclassman and your materials were great. [My Melanoma Vlog] is most effective… the students really stay engaged throughout the whole video. [In one] class someone cancelled their tanning appointment. I can’t thank you enough for providing us with materials that are easy to use and so effective.”

—Tory Sullivan, Chairperson, Physical Education & Health
Brien McMahon High School, Norwalk, CT

“I was so impressed by the [teacher resource CD] and personally learned quite a bit. For many years I’ve taught kids about the ‘general’ danger of sun damage, but nothing to the extent of what your material offers. Living here in Arizona, where the weather makes it all too easy to tan, I feel that we have a huge responsibility to educate our students of the dangers of melanoma.”

—Nick Cornell, Physical Education Department Chair
Campo Verde High School, Gilbert, AZ

“A former student recently [told me] that the bookmark he showed his mother saved her life. She noticed a similar mole and [had it] successfully removed.”

—Patricia Dodge, Health Teacher
Essex Middle School, Essex Junction, VT

“I talked about melanoma and showed the high school video today. Students were very receptive… I suggested several students see a dermatologist to check spots that they showed me. Several students told me that they are not getting a tanning package again. The video and discussion session was very successful! I definitely recommend this for all health teachers!”

—Linda Conti, Health Teacher
Grove City High School, Grove City, OH

“I used your melanoma video and instructional program today and found it extremely valuable. I teach five health classes comprised of about 30 sophomores in each class. Approximately 90 percent of each class told me that they had no idea that melanoma was such a serious health threat and intended to change their behaviors immediately.”

—Lani Worthington, Health Teacher
McCutcheon High School, Lafayette, IN