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April 1, 2019 | Stephen Fine, Founder and President

The Melanoma Education Foundation Presents An Evening with the Singing Trooper

The Melanoma Education Foundation will present An Evening with the Singing Trooper, a Benefit Concert in Memory of Keri McCarthy, taking place at Anthony’s of Malden on April 27, 2019 featuring Dan Clark, the Singing Trooper.

Admission includes a full buffet dinner and 1 hour show. There will also be a live auction, 50:50 raffle and a wine pull. Individual tickets are $75; reserved tables of 10 are $700.

This event will be in memory of Keri McCarthy of Somerville who lost her life to Melanoma at 35 years old.  Like many people, Keri enjoyed being tan; she spent time sunbathing and used tanning beds sometimes.

In the Spring of 2004, Keri noticed a small bump on her leg that looked like a pimple.  She mentioned it to her mother, but, neither of them thought much about it. Not long after, Keri’s mom was reading an article in a woman’s magazine on skin cancer.  When she saw a picture that resembled the spot on Keri’s leg, she was concerned. She asked Keri to get the spot looked at right away. The dermatologist attempted to “freeze it” off and commented that a biopsy would be done if it returned.

On April 27th, the Melanoma Education Foundation Presents a Benefit Concert in Memory of Keri McCarthy

The spot did return and now it had multiple colors.  This time the Dermatologist performed a biopsy. Keri was diagnosed with Stage 2C Melanoma five days later. After further surgery, the doctor felt confident that they had gotten it all.  

Keri was NED (No Evidence of Disease) for 3 years. She married and wanted to have a family. After several fertility treatments, she got pregnant.  That joyful time ended abruptly 14 weeks into her pregnancy when her tumors began to reappear. The Melanoma was back with a vengeance and was out of control in her body.  

Keri underwent radiation throughout her entire pregnancy to try to keep the tumors from spreading.  Her son, Quinn, was born healthy in September of 2007 but Keri had tumors starting at her ankle and proceeding up her leg.

After years of fighting, in March 2010 (one week before her birthday), a Pet scan revealed that the cancer had spread to her lungs. She passed away on May 21.  Keri left behind her precious 2 year and 9 month old baby boy, and her supportive family and friends.

The Melanoma Education Foundation has partnered with the McCarthy Family to raise awareness about the importance of early self-detection and prevention of Melanoma.   Founder and President, Steve Fine began the Foundation after the loss of his son, Daniel, at age 26 from Melanoma. Over the past 20 years, the Melanoma Education Foundation has worked tirelessly to educate middle and high school health teachers and their students by providing comprehensive training and resources focused on early self-detection and prevention of Melanoma.  Keri’s Story is one that happens far too often. By providing resources to over 1,700 schools nationwide and helping to educate over 250,000 students annually, the Melanoma Education Foundation arms them with life-saving knowledge.

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