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October 12, 2018 | Stephen Fine, Founder and President

The Impact of MEF Melanoma Lessons

In March, 2017 MEF enlisted volunteer Marissa Picerno, a talented Emerson College Heath Communications graduate student, to develop and administer a health/wellness teacher web survey.  The goal of this survey was to gain insight into how high school students, middle school students, and teachers were impacted by the MEF Melanoma Lessons presented in their schools. Responses were received from 334 teachers.

Here is what we found:

  • 49 teachers were told by students that early melanomas were found because of the lesson.
  • 90.4%of teachers either strongly agreed or agreed that the online melanoma lessons changed their students’ perception of melanoma
  • 73% of teachers reported that students made appointments to get moles checked after receiving the lesson
  • 68% of teachers responded that, due to the MEF lessons, they or a family member and been examined by a dermatologist.
  • After the lessons, 95% of teachers reported students said they would use more sunscreen, and 81% reported students said they would stop using tanning beds.

In addition, teachers provided their opinion about the MEF Melanoma Lessons in their own words. Check out the word cloud below to see the most hit upon theme.

how our melanoma education rates

Teachers: use our videos and resources to help you engage your students in this important lesson.