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Free melanoma lessons for middle and high school students

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We have two websites.

This website ( is for health educators and has streaming videos and other resources to educate middle and high school students about melanoma in a single class period.

Our other website ( is for the general public and has comprehensive, user-friendly information about:

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Melanoma Education Foundation

Dedicated to providing free resources to help educators instruct teens on the importance of early self detection of melanoma.

Health and Wellness Teachers
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Not sure your students can benefit from this instruction? Watch one of these 3-minute videos that illustrate why melanoma lessons are so important for today’s middle and high school students.

Melanoma Educational Foundation
3-Minute Health Educator Introduction to Melanoma Lessons

Student and teacher lesson videos for
in-person, remote, and hybrid learning

Below are three educational videos designed to be viewed by different audiences. Each video can be accessed directly by clicking on the video image.

To watch the teacher-training video click on the video “Teacher Video” below.
Access lesson plan options.

To watch the high school video, “My Melanoma Vlog,” or the middle school video “Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve” click on the corresponding video image below.

Teach Your Parents About Melanoma
After watching your video you will likely know more about melanoma than your parents. Their risk is higher than yours but, by downloading the one-page “See Spot” document and using it to teach them about early detection, you may save a life.

Video link for melanoma education for middle schoolers

Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve

For middle school students (22 min)

melanoma education for high school students

My Melanoma Vlog

For high school students (16 min)

link to MEF teacher education video

Teacher Video

For teachers (32 min)

Resources that support the lesson videos

Go to the Resource page to view or download lessons plans, classroom materials , and more…

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